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The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is always associated with a conspiracy theory. Here I tried to gather as much information as possible.

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The official webpage can be accessed from here.
Founded in 1947, it is a non-profit organization and its headquarters is in Tavistock, London. Their main goal seems to be the research of the human relations within groups or organizations and they hold various lectures, offer consulting services and other research and development services as well.
A lot is written on their webpage but relatively the content is vague and sentences are long. Clients list wasn’t open to the public (duh) but it included international organizations (whatever that means), research institutions, British governments and other local governments.
Themes they research varied from food to financial advice also including gender equality.


Elliott Jaques was one of the founding members and was a Canadian psychoanalyst and an expert in organizational psychology. He is also famous for being the first person to advocate the idea of a mid-life crisis. He already has passed away.
One of the later founding members, Kurt Lewin was a famous psychologist as well and is thought to be the father of sociology. He was researching the decision-making within groups & leadership.

My honest opinion on this institute is: I can’t quite understand what exactly they are doing. Keywords that frequently appear are “group” and “organization”. The reason this institute is associated with conspiracy theories is that some speculate that:

-the Institute is under the Council on Foreign Affairs
-Related and funded by the Rockefellers
-Friends with CIA and has an insane amount of funds
-Virtually it’s a British intelligence agency
-They are aiming for the massive propaganda on general public

These claims have been made by a man named John Coleman. If you google him, you’ll find that he is an expatriate from the UK who currently lives in the US (what an irony) and is a writer (conspiracy theorist). He published a lot of books and most of them are about, so to speak, the people behind the curtains. He is not a professor, nor is he a scientist, so for me, his opinions do not carry any weight. Although, I can understand the connection made between the Institute and the conspiracy theory because of their peculiar research themes, mainly focusing on groups and organizations.

Even if Mr. Coleman’s statements were true, there is no proof and will not be. I tried digging deeper on the web surface but couldn’t find any logical objections with proofs. All of the ideas lack in proof or authorities or grounds.

Conspiracy theories themselves, normally lack any candid, solid proofs. And if conspiracy theories had proofs, then they would not have been conspiracy theories. They would have been a big story. I will try to search more about the surroundings of this institution, maybe even contact them to ask what they think about the accusations made towards them and let you, Millennials, know the progress.

Update: I contacted the TIHR and they rejected my offer to interview them. Hmm, interesting. 

*All of the information used, written, cited in this article were either taken from the official webpage of TIHR or Wikipedia.

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