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This is “CleanCUBE”, a very smart waste bin developed by a South Korean company Ecube Labs. Slick, simple and monotone design emit the futuristic and minimalistic vibe, but what’s so special about it?

Solar-Powered Waste Bin that
Holds Up to 8 Times More Waste than Usual

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I’m sure you have seen, at least once in your life, a waste bin so dirty and overflowing that you didn’t even want to get closer much less throw something in it.


Here in this article, I want to introduce you to a smart, eco-friendly waste bin called “CleanCUBE”. The remarkable thing about this waste bin is that it can compress trash and hold up to 8 times more waste compared to conventional waste bins. It is also solar-powered and needs only 2 or 3 days of 4-hour daylight in order to be fully charged. CleanCUBE also has a built-in battery that can store the energy. So as long as it is fully charged, no cloudy day can affect its performance for as long as 3 weeks!

Reduces Waste Collection by Up to 80%!

By using the smart waste management platform “CleanCityNetworks” (CCN) and connecting the CleanCUBEs to it, CCN can let users know the most efficient route for the waste-collecting. You might wonder if your CleanCUBE is already full or if the batteries ran out. No worries! You don’t have to waste your energy on checking because CCN enables users to check all of that info online and manage CleanCUBEs whenever they may be. The advantage of managing CleanCUBEs via CCN lies in that end-users no longer have to frequently collect waste inefficiently, which results in a major cost-reduction. According to Ecube Labs, CleanCUBE and CCN can reduce the waste collection operation costs by up to 80%!

Wi-fi, Smoking Area, Audio Speaker, LED Light, and Graphic Ads

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The environmentally-friendly solar-power feature is amazing by itself. But what about other features? Yes, the CleanCUBE is not only convenient, but also advanced. Probably the most prominent feature is the Wi-fi option. Nowadays we all know that human beings practically cannot survive without a wi-fi connection. Imagine how this would be beneficial in metropolises around the world, in parks, mountains, public spaces and so on. Aside from that, CleanCUBE can serve as a speaker, a smoking area, an advertising station, and as a light that shines in the darkness, both literally and figuratively.

CleanCUBE is by far the smartest waste bin that I’ve gotten to know. It is placed in various places around the world from Asia, Europe to America, throughout shopping malls, parks, and even airports! I hope this smart solution for waste-management will dominate the waste bin industry so we can achieve the sustainable society together.

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