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Do you remember the smart trash can that we introduced here? We wanted to know more about Ecube Labs, the founding company of the CleanCUBE. Thus, we asked, and were given the answers. Here is the exclusive interview with Mr. Sean Kwon, the CEO of Ecube Labs. 

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TM: Could you share the story behind your company? I saw on the website that your company was established in 2011, what was the reason for establishing an innovative green technology company? What motivated the establishment?

SK: I first came to Seoul as a young college student from the small city of Masan. I absolutely fell in love with Yonsei University and the Shinchon area where I lived. However, at nighttime, I saw that these beautiful streets had a problem with overflowing waste bins. Since the waste bins were full, this led to people littering everywhere. It aggravated me and I always thought that there was way too much trash.
One day, I was busy stomping the trash inside my own bin at home so that I could fill it up some more when suddenly the idea hit me, “What if I could apply this motion to waste bins?” My college peers and I decided to create a prototype of a compacting waste bin as a simple project. Little did I know that this “simple project” would later attract actual funding. Ironically, I was contemplating what life path I should pursue, but with the sudden influx of interest and big investments, I decided the “smart solution” was to go green.

TM: Do you offer services to individuals for domestic use? If not, do you have plans of installments for household use?

SK: We currently do not offer services to individuals for domestic use. While private homes are important to keep clean, I believe that each household is responsible for maintaining cleanliness. However, who usually takes the responsibility upon themselves for the waste generated in public areas? Not many. Therefore, we want to focus more on supporting the public sectors.

TM: How different are your waste bins from the ones in the market?

SK: Our waste bins, also known as CleanCUBEs, use solar energy to emit ultrasonic waves to monitor fill levels. The CleanCUBE can compact the waste periodically or once it reaches a certain fill-level, allowing it to hold up to 8 times more capacity than an average waste bin. The beauty of our waste bins is that we offer several options to match the clients’ needs. We recognize that it would be very difficult for a one-size-fits-all solution to the global market. Therefore, we offer a variety of options for our CleanCUBEs to match the environment of where they are distributed.

TM: What are the benefits of managing the waste via your system?

SK: Through our CleanCityNetworks system, users can monitor the status of their units and change settings if necessary. Data can easily be collected through CCN so waste management systems can analyze and optimize their current operations.

TM: What do you think that makes you stand out among other similar brands in the market?

SK: I believe that what Ecube Labs offers isn’t simply a product, but a solution to enhance waste management systems out there. Our solution is scalable, thus making it easy to implement or even integrate with already existing systems. We have also focused heavily on our customer service and aftercare, providing quick and quality assistance for issues that arise.

TM: Do you have any plans to expand your business to a larger market e.g., to distribute to more countries around the world?

SK: Yes! We are always open to expanding our business throughout the world. We have already established some great key partnerships in other regions across the globe and hope to find more quality players.

TM: What is your future plan as a brand?

SK: We aren’t afraid to admit that our solution has some weaknesses, therefore Ecube Labs is constantly attempting to develop and improve the products and services. We are currently testing a lot of new and innovative technology that would go well with our solution. We also see our platform eventually becoming integrated under one smart city platform in conjunction with other smart city aspects. In regards to the near-future, we have contracted with the city of Baltimore in the US for the world’s largest smart waste deployment in global history! For that reason, we are deeply focused on this rollout and on establishing an office on the East Coast.

TM: Could you give a message to the readers of our media? 🙂

SK: Hello, everyone 🙂 My dream is for each and every person to do what they can to be socially responsible. Globalization will happen and won’t be stopped. So whether your role is as big as creating a multi-million dollar corporation to provide jobs, or as small as recycling your private trash, you are all important and can play a role for the future.

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